The Center for Rheumatology, LLP is the largest rheumatology practice in Upstate New York for the diagnosis and care of individuals with arthritis, osteoporosis, autoimmune and musculoskeletal disease and for investigation of new treatments for these disorders. As the major regional center in this rapidly evolving field, our mission is to be a center of excellence in the diagnosis and care of individuals with rheumatic diseases, in the development of new treatments, and to make ourselves a resource in the education of our patients, the medical community, and the public at large.


Defining the disease process is the necessary first step, without which the future remains uncharted and treatment imprecise. We aim to employ our clinical skills, history taking and physical examination, evaluation of laboratory data and imaging studies to establish accurate diagnoses as promptly as possible.


Care begins with assessing the concerns and needs of each individual, with communication of information that increases understanding of the disease process, allays anxiety, and enhances coping skills.  Treatment plans are individualized and are designed to maximize safety, address the most troubling symptoms, anticipate and minimize future problems, and reflect up-to-date knowledge.


Available treatments often fall short of desired goals.  We are in the midst of a period of exponential growth in knowledge of the mechanisms of rheumatologic and auto-immune disease, knowledge which is transforming and advancing our treatment options.  Through participation in carefully designed and monitored research studies, we will contribute to the accumulation of disease understanding and we will offer the region the most advanced applications of available knowledge.



  •  for the diagnosis of rheumatologic disorders
  •  for state-of the-art care of individuals with these disorders
  •  for clinical research that will improve understanding, expand treatment options and improve outcomes
  •  for the education of our patients and their families
  •  and for promoting understanding and awareness of rheumatologic disorders among health professional trainees, the regional medical community, and the community at large.



  • The providers and staff of TCFR will place primary emphasis on delivering the highest quality patient care in a patient-centric environment.
  • The providers at TCFR will diagnose, treat, and follow all patients for whom they can improve wellness, for as long as they are the best provider of treatment for that patient.
  • TCFR will employ all available means to enable patients to receive those services and treatment that have been prescribed.
  • TCFR recognizes the unique nature of the rheumatologic patient population and offers a team-based approach to care to insure continuum of treatment and follow-up of services, thus increasing the patients’ comfort level and overall satisfaction and health.